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The teachers who attended the Mbabane Schools Teacher Coaches Rugby WorkshopOn a sunny, but chilly day, nine teachers from schools in and around Mbabane turned out for the Teacher Coaches Rugby Workshop held at the Eveni Sports Ground in Mbabane.

The SRU coaches have called a national training session this weekend for forwards who wish to try out for Sizeze Eswatini up and coming Test match against old foes, the Vultures from Botswana. The training session will kick off at 9am in Malkerns.

The SRU coaches will be making the short trip to Manzini on Friday June 21st to hold a Teacher Coaches Workshop for teachers from schools in and around the city of Manzini. The workshop will be held at the Charitas Centre in Manzini.

The SRU will be holding a Teacher Coaches Workshop at the Eveni Sports Ground in Mbabane. Teachers from schools in and around Mbabane have been invited to attend the workshop.

Day three and the coaches were in Ngwazini for Community Rugby Session.

Everyone gets involved at the Ngwenyameni Community Rugby DayDay two of Community Rugby Coaching at the coaches were in the mountains at Ngwenyameni Community.

Likima players at the Community Rugby DayThe coaches were in Likima to hold a Community Rugby Session. Players of all ages turned up on the day.

The SRU will be holding a 7's Coaching Workshop for the Schools Coaches who will be participating in the TOP16 In ter Schools 7's Tournament to be played in May. SRU President Michael Collinson made the announcement at the Rugby Union offices today. "We have been approached by several Teacher Coaches and Youth Coaches to hold the 7's Workshop, we have received twenty three applications to attend. 7's at schools level is strong and interest is growing with more schools asking to host tournaments. The 7's Coaching Workshop is therefore necessary" said Collinson.

Coaches from the Tier II & III Rugby Clubs who attended the Coaching WorkshopThe Swaziland Rugby Union held a Coaches Workshop for coaches from the Tier II & III Rigby Clubs within Swaziland.The workshop was held at the Manzini Club. Thirteen coaches attended the workshop.

The SRU and it's partner the SKRUM Programme held Community Coaching sessions over the Christmas break at seven comminities throughout the Kingdom.


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