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7s Rugby

`The last Inyeti 7's for 2009 will kick off in Malkerns on Friday December 11th at 6pm.  The four teams participating in the tournament will be Ngwenya, Komatipoort, Mozambique and the Eagles from Mbabane.  Rugby Union President, Michael Collinson thanked everyone for all their efforts throughout the year in making the Inyeti 7's such a suc

President's Select side at the Nashua 7'sThe President's Select 7's side returned from Middelburg after competing in the Nashua 7's Rugby Tournament in Middelburg, South Africa. 

Swaziland's Presidents Select 7's SquadThe side from Mozambique proved to strong for the sides from South Africa and Swaziland and pulled off a suprise win in the Tri Nations 7's Rugby Tournament played in Komatipoort, South Africa.  The Presidnts Select side from Swaziland made the long journey to Komatipoort on Saturday feeling confident

The Swaziland Rugby Union will be participating in the up and coming Middelburg 7's Rugby Tournament to be played on the 30th and 31st of October in Middelburg, South Africa.  Rugby Union President, Michael Collinson confirmed the invitation and said the Rugby Union will be sending a Presidents Select side to Middelburg.  "We have new young players who have come up through the Development Programme and the Middelburg 7's is the perfect opportunity for these new players to show off their skills" said Collinson.

Swaziland Rugby Union have received an invitation to participate in a Tri Nations 7's Rugby Tournament.  The tournament will be played in the town of Komatipoort, South Africa.  Teams from Mozambique, South Africa and Swaziland will be taking part in the tournament.  Rugby Union President, Michael Collinson said he was delighted that Swaziland have been invited to take part in the Tri nations 7's. 





Tutu MashabaAt the end of the August Inyeti 7's the coaches from the participating teams were asked select a player who they thought deserved Man of the Tournament and it was a majority vote in favour of new Eagles player Tutu Mashaba.  Tutu who only started playing Rugby this year impressed the coaches with his running and defe

The Old BoysThe August Inyeti 7's Rugby Tournament saw a upset when the Old Boys took on the new Rugby Club the Eagles in an amazing and thrilling final.  The Rhino's who normally dominate the Inyeti were nowhere to be seen after being defeated by both the Old Boys and the Eagles in the pool games. 



`The Swaziland Rugby Union announced the date for the August Inyeti 7's today at their offices in Malkerns.  Head Development Coach, Mario De Sousa confirmed that the Inyeti 7's Tournament will take place on Friday August 14th at the Vondo's ground in Malkerns.  He also confirmed the four teams partiipating in the tournament.  Rhino's, Ngwe

Head Development Coach of the Swaziland Rugby Union, Mario De Sousa, today announced the date for the June Inyeti 7's Rugby Tournament.  After discussions with the various Clubs we have set the date for the June Inyeti 7's as Friday June 26th.  We have two side from outside of Swaziland who are interested in playing in the June tournament, so it looks like it could be yet again a thrilling Inyeti 7's, said De Sousa. 

Stones Munroe.


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