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Old Boys take August Inyeti 7's

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The Old BoysThe August Inyeti 7's Rugby Tournament saw a upset when the Old Boys took on the new Rugby Club the Eagles in an amazing and thrilling final.  The Rhino's who normally dominate the Inyeti were nowhere to be seen after being defeated by both the Old Boys and the Eagles in the pool games. 









Rugby Union President, Michael Collinson said "It's marvellous to see new players and new teams taking part in the Inyeti and it is great to see these team challenge the Rhino's and win.  I take my hat off to Dion Wade of the Old Boys and Malindi Dlamini of the Eagles Rugby Club for coming to the tournament and taking on the Rhino's side.  They have both proven the Rhino's can be beaten.  It is up to Mario De Sousa, Captain of the Rhino's to pick his team up and get back the Inyeti title.  The final was a real thriller with both sides playing hard and fast Rugby, but it was to be the experience of the Old Boys which won the game.  I thought the Eagles would win on fitness, but it was not to be.  With the halftime score sitting at 14-14 it was anyones game.  The Old Boys slowed down the game and kept the ball in hand and made use of the Eagles handling errors and defensive mistakes" added Collinson.

The Old Boys won 31-21 in the final.

The Eagles