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Eighteen teachers attend Tag Rugby Coaching Day

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Teachers at the Tag Rugby Coaching DayThe Rugby Union Development Coaches held a Tag Rugby Coaching Day for teachers on Friday.  Eighteen teachers attended the Coaching Day from schools around Malkerns.  "The aim of the Tag Rugby Coaching Days is to introduce the teachers to the game of Tag Rugby and get them to actually "play" Rugby.  That way they know how to caoch, but more importantly they know how to "play" the game, said Head Development Coach, Mario De Sousa.







"When the teachers see how easy it is to play Tag Rugby and how much fun it is to play, then we feel the teachers will want to coach the pupils at their schools.  We intend to hold a Club Teachers Tag Tournament at the end of August and invite the Rugby Clubs to put together a teachers team.  We have had allot of interest in the tournament from the teachers, it's now up to the Clubs to organise their teams" added De Sousa.The lateral pass!Auckland DrillsThe side step!!!