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Ross-Munro Takes on U/14’s Coaching Job

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The Swaziland Rugby union announced today the appointment of Brendan Ross-Munro as the U/14’s Rugby Coach. Union President Michael Collinson said the Union were impressed with Ross-Munro's commitment to coaching and we feel he will rise to the challenge. The U/14's will be participating in the Touraid U/14's Nations Cup in London UK later in the year and we need to identify players for that tournament added Collinson. Brendan will have to go out to schools within the Kingdom and find possible players for the UK tour, train them and get them to play good Rugby, this will not be easy but the Swaziland Rugby Union are sure Brendan will be up to the task.

Ross-Munro said he was delighted with the appointment and would do is best to find the right players for the UK tournament. We have a lot of talent out in the schools, all we have to do is go out and find that talent.