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Rugby Union Host Maputo

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Swaziland in red shirts

The Swaziland Rugby Union held a Rugby Fun Day last Saturday and hosted a team from Maputo. The day turned out to be a hot one, but this did not dampen the player’s spirits. Rugby was played even in the blistering heat of the midday. Swaziland Rugby Union President, Mike Collinson said he was very happy with the turn out and thanked the players for braving the heat. We had the U/19’s and a few U/16’s players playing and it was good to see all the players enjoying themselves. We plan to hold the Rugby Fun Days on a regular basis; I have received calls from new and old players asking when the next Fun Day will be added Collinson. A special thanks must go to the guys and girls from Maputo who came through and played, it is planned to pay them a visit in Maputo within the next month or so, said Collinson. When asked who won, Collinson said Rugby won on the day!