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Rugby and food for Mamba Orphanage

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Mamba orphans with the food, drinks and clothing donationsThe Swaziland Rugby Union and the SKRUM Programme paid a visit to the Mamba School and Orphanage down in the south of the Kingdom last week.  The visit was to first hold a Rugby Tournament and second, donate food, drinks and clothing to the head of the orphanage, Mr. Sipho Mamba.







On arriving at the orphanage the Coaches were met by Maggie, Mr. Mamba's son and the children. A song was sung by the children and staff members to welcome the coaches.  Head Development Coach Mario De Sousa thanked Maggie and the children for the warm welcome.  maggie then apologised for his father not being there, but he was summoned to Lobamba by the King and had to leave early that morning.Even staff members couldn't resist getting involved