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Rugby Union kick off 'Youth Rugby Coaching Workshops'

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The Swaziland Rugby Union will be holding a 'Youth Rugby Coaching Workshop' on Friday May 27th at the Manzini Club in Manzini. Rugby Union Head Development Coach, Naomi du Pont made the announcement today at the Rugby Union's offices.


"The Swaziland Rugby Union have been approached by many of the U/19's rugby players both male and female who want to become rugby coaches. With the numbers of rugby players growing at an amazing pace, the Swaziland Rugby Union's Rugby Development Team decided to put together a 'Youth Rugby Coaching Development Programme' aimed at rugby players under the age of eighteen who want to become qualified rugby coaches. The Rugby Development Coaches feel this is a marvellous opportunity for youngsters within Swaziland to take the first step on the rugby coaching ladder. The Youth Rugby Coaching Workshops will kick off with the IRB's 'Rugby Ready' coaching programme and carry on from there. This will assist the potential young coaches decide if they want to go further with coaching the game of rugby. Those youngsters who show commitment to coaching basic rugby back at their individual schools or communities will be invited to attend the IRB's Level I Rugby Coaching Course. The Swaziland Rugby Union are seeing the 'Youth Rugby Coaching Workshops' as a positive step forward in getting the game of rugby out there into all areas of Swaziland. Friday's workshop will be the first of many such workshops to be held in various venues around the country in 2011. Twenty potentional Youth Coaches have been invited to attend Friday's worksop" said du Pont