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Players launch 'Swaziland Rugby Players' on Facebook

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Rugby players within the Kingdom have got together and kick started 'Swaziland Rugby players' on Facebook. The players spokes persons Matthew du Pont and Wilson Dlamini made the announcement at the Rugby Union offices today. "The Swaziland Rugby Players' Facebook page is for ALL players in and out of the country both male and female to get updates and make comments on what is happening within Rugby in Swaziland. We want players both old and young to be a part of Swaziland Rugby" said Dlamini.



"There are a lot of players who have played rugby within Swaziland over the years and we would like to hear from them and keep them informed on what is happening in Swaziland Rugby. The President, Mike Collinson thinks the Facebook page is a great idea as there have been many players who have left Swaziland, but have fond memories of their rugby whilst in the Kingdom. It would be really good to hear from these older players and the Swaziland Rugby Players Facebook page is a great opportunity for them to get in touch with the players who are playing today" added du Pont.

Just go to Facebook and log on to Swaziland Rugby Players. We are looking forward to hearing from you ALL